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To provide safe and secure services of the investment in Japan more than ever before

What's Re-Tech GL?

Real estate × Technology × Globalization We suggest domestic real estate properties for overseas customers. There are some consultants in our office who can carry out their duties in foreign languages. You can consult with our staff in ease in not only English but also Chinese. We broadcast to the world the attractiveness of domestic properties, and also provide courteous follow up services.



I love Japan and visit Japan often, so I wanted to possess a Japanese property. I am interested in “kominka”, a traditional Japanese-style house,particularly in Kyoto, so wanted to be able to stay at such a place whenever I come to Japan.
Then, I found a particular property I liked which appeared in Real Estate Co., Ltd. information, so I contacted them. They sent a lot of information by email. When I went to Japan after that, the staff and I actually went to see the property on that day.
Finally, I signed an agreement on the same day. He prepared the translation of that agreement because I did not understand Japanese.
Now, I use my long-sought after “kominka” in Kyoto. I stay there when I visit Japan, and I lend this house to people while I am not there. It is thanks to Real Estate Co., Ltd. that my property can be utilized effectively.
I was interested in Japanese real estate ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. But, I did not know where to start actually and was at a standstill.
At such time, a friend who has a property for investment in Japan told me about Real Estate Co., Ltd. Then, I contacted them by email. A return mail came within that day. I had a very good impression of the staff who contacted me.
He worked around my schedule in Japan, and showed me some desired properties. As a result, I liked the property in Kyoto and then signed an agreement. Thank you for your quick and courteous service.
Compared to a property in Shanghai, Japanese properties are cheaper,safe and secure which makes them very popular among investors. But I wondered if it was not realistic financially and would be time-consuming to visit Japan actually and look for a property.
At such time, I had found Real Estate Co., Ltd. on a web site, and asked them to send property information. On that occasion, the staff seemed to feel sorry to ask me to visit Japan with only one property to inspect, so they prepared several properties that would meet my requirements.
They kept going out to see properties with me for a whole day without complaining when I visited japan. I decided to purchase a property with a clean external appearance and not the one I originally thought.
I am very appreciative of all the support for everything. I would like to work with them again if the chance arises.


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