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What's Re-Tech?

Real estate × Technology Real Estate Co., Ltd. supports your future. We focus on those who are interested in real estate investment and work out a type of future lifeplan.With our original technology, we suggest to you a more specific plan and also assist to develop it.



Investment in real estate did not appeal to me at first. Then, I began be interested when I heard it could assist in supplementing the pension. But I worried whether I could be successful by myself once I started.
But, the staff I dealt with was extremely kind, and spent a great deal of time to explain things to me and alleviate my anxiety.
So I thought I could entrust my property to that person, and then made a purchase. I appreciate all the things that the staff did for me.
As a matter of fact, I had been interested in investment in real estate, but was not able to do anything myself because it is expensive.
But I discovered that I can start with a small down payment when I talked with Real Estate Co., Ltd. So, I decided to begin. Then, the staff in charge gave me various advice on investment in real estate.
What I admired the most was that most of the advice I received was how to deal with the demerit, not only the good points. He impressed me by explaining in detail while he also eased my anxiety.
I could take the first step in the purchase due largely to the fact that I was able to get over my uneasiness before starting!
I felt anxious about whether I could live on only a pension in the future,so I began investigating assets management to prepare for my old age. At that time, I learned about buying condominiums as an investment.
At first, I thought that the risk was big, or that it had nothing to do with me. But the staff in charge thoroughly gave me his advice about the risk measures of real estate investment.
I surprisingly found that the risk is smaller than I thought, and what’s more, it can be substituted as a tax-saving effect or life insurance, as well as provide rent income.
I put a small down payment and purchased a second-hand condominium to make a profit.
I am much obliged that the staff in charge talked about a loan with a bank without any troubles.


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