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Please read!
Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) acknowledges that we keep our customers’ personal information secure for the following purposes. Our company solemnly manages entrusted customers’ personal information as follows. Kindly check this written consent and send after you agree.

■Regarding the purpose of use of personal information in this inquiry and service
1. For an answer to your inquiry to us
2. For your requested materials delivery service
3. For newsletter delivery
4. For an answer to an inquiry to a job offer and recruitment
■Provision to a third party
Our company does not provide our entrusted personal information to a third party without the written consent from the principal except in the case that requires the disclosure by laws and ordinances.
■Outsourcing of this operation
Our company may outsource the business handling of our entrusted personal information to perform improvement of the service and optimization of the operations to our customers. In case the outsourcing is assigned, our company shall select outsourcing contractors that satisfactorily meet the management criteria of the protection of personal information and make an necessary agreement, under which we work for the management and improvement of the level of safety.
■ About voluntary provision of personal information
Personal information offer is voluntary in principle. However, there are the cases when our company will not be able to provide information or service regarding the relevant matter when you cannot offer personal information.
■ “Notice of the purpose of use”, “Disclosure”, “Correction, Addition or Delete” and “Refusal of use or the offer” of personal information that is targeted for disclosure
Every customer who offered personal information is entitled to require “Notice of the purpose of use”, “Disclosure”, “Correction, Addition or Delete” and “Refusal of use or the offer” regarding the relevant matter. Please contact the receptionist as required.
■Personal Information Consulting Service
Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Personal information protection administrator Yukinori Fujisawa
TEL: +81(0)6-6123-7313

Written consent is necessary for above-mentioned purpose of use of personal information.