To become a comprehensive asset management consulting company is our goal


ZERO to Romance We challenge the unknowns, get over the difficulties, and offer dreams and possibility to the next generation.


  1. Quick decision and quick action
  2. Seeking knowledge and experience
  3. Unflagging innovation and evolution
  4. Profitable growth and contribution
  5. Assume the worst for the better


"Pin our dreams on romance"

  1. Quest and development
  2. Independence and challenge
  3. Passion and practice
  4. Everlasting and change


What do you think is investment in real estate that will meet with success?

Amid the recent economic situation, real estate is the investment commodity of “stability and safety”, which has already became common knowledge among investors.

Upon taking the opportunity to manage many investors, I am convinced that “investors that meet with success” share a common theme and that is that they “have a dream”.

There will be some who think that “dream” is unrealistic.
But that is wrong.

Every reality is made of many persons’ thoughts having taken shape.
The same can be said of investment in real estate, too.
Please imagine “your life” as a investor.

What do you think is necessary now to make your life come true?
We make the investors’ dreams “come true” through our professional management capabilities.
We also promise that we will spare no effort to research and work with passion.

Your dream makes your life.
And we are here with you as a partner. As a manager.
We sincerely continue to support your dream and expectations with reliable real estate value.

President & CEO
Satoshi Uchida


Corporate name
Real Estate Co., Ltd.
7 Fl. Honmachi Center Building,
2-6-10, Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Pref., Japan
President & CEO
Satoshi Uchida
Investment in Capital
50 million yen
Primary business operations
  1. Building lots and buildings transaction business pertaining to the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act
  2. Rent and asset management on real estate
  3. Real estate consulting business
  4. Casualty Insurance Agency business
  5. Plan, design, construction and supervision of buildings
  6. Construction and development of land
  7. Extension and reconstruction, rebuilding and reform of buildings
  8. Sales and leaseback
  9. Land inheritance consulting business
  10. Advertisement and publicity utilizing Internet and its agency business
Date of establishment
November, 2011
Number of employees
License, qualification
Building lots and buildings transaction business dealer’s license: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (1) No. 9195
Yodoyabashi / Yamagami Law Office Osaka, tax accountant corporation OAK, Kunihiro Accounting Office
Main business financial institutions
JACCS co., Ltd.,The ORIX Bank Ltd., The SBJ Bank Ltd., The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd., Saison Fundex co., Ltd., The Kagawa Bank Ltd.,The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.,The Minato Bank, Ltd.,The Aeon Housing Loan co., Ltd.,The Kiyo Bank, Ltd.
Main handling financial institutions
Resona Bank / Umeda Branch
Kansai Mirai Bank / Sakaisuji Honmachi Branch
Kagawa Bank / Bentencho Branch
Minato Bank / Umeda Branch
Tokushima Taisho Bank / Morikoji Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Senba Branch
Tokyo Star Bank / Namba Branch
Kinki Sangyo Credit Union / Head Office Sales Department
Osaka Kyoei Credit Union / Shin-Osaka Branch
Member organizations
ZENTAKUREN (Public Interest Incorporated Association National Association for Real Estate Transaction)
Public Interest Incorporated Association National Association for Real Estate Transaction Guaranty, Osaka Branch Tokyo Branch
Public Interest Incorporated Associations Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Association Anshin R Housing Business Member Public Interest Incorporated Association Kinki Real Estate Information Network System Kinki Middle and High-rise Real Estate Association housing defect warranty liability insurance corporation


7 Fl. Honmachi Center Building,
2-6-10, Honmachi, Chuo-ku,
Osaka City, Osaka Pref., Japan

5-minute walk from
Midosuji Subway Line “Honmachi” station

3-minute walk from
“Sakaisuji-Honmachi” Station
on the Sakaisuji and Chuo Subway Lines